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Published on April 1, 2014

What is multitabling in online poker and how does it affect the winrate?

You are playing online poker on a single table for months now, proving yourself that you can beat the game. Great! Assuming you are an average winner and playing at 6-max No-Limit tables, your winrate comes down to three Big Bets per 100 hands, which is the equivalent of six big blinds per 100 hands.

Right, what does that mean? By playing at 25 dollar tables, you make 1.5 dollar per 100 hands.

Speaking of hands, about a hundred hands are dealt in the span of one hour. Therefore, it is safe to assume that you are truly making a buck and a half per hour playing at 25 dollar 6-max no limit tables. Ok, that is a start.

And that is where multitabling comes in.

By adding tables to your screen, you effectively increase the number of hands you play per hour. Each table wins you a dollar and a half for each hour of actual play. By now playing 4 tables simultaneously, you make 6 dollars per hour! Heck, if you add 4 more, you increase your initial winrate eight-fold!

Well, unfortunately, that is not how it goes.

Compare playing at a single table with playing at eight tables at once. You need to act faster but more significantly, think faster! You are now much more prone to making mistakes and neglecting to take notes of the opponents. Your reads are now suffering and you do not remember exactly how villains are playing against you.

It is not that rare to miss hands either. Miss hands, really? You would never time out holding Aces when playing a single table, but now… it can happen. And even worse, it is one of the things that will make you tilt; that is lose your temper and calmness and play more aggressively than normal. Obviously, that will not be good for your bankroll.

The added pressure that multitabling creates, will hurt your winrate. It is inevitable that you will no longer win 6 big blinds per 100 hands. However, if you are winning at a rate of three big blinds per 100 hands when playing at four tables, you are still winning more than before!

Think about it for a second. One dollar and a half ended up in your account per hour when you were beating the game at six big blinds per hour on a single table. Now you are winning 75 cents from each table, given your winrate is halved.

With four tables on your screen though, that equals to 3 dollar per hour! By quadrupling the number of tables you are playing, your hourly winrate in blinds’ terms suffers, but in the end, your hourly winrate in dollar terms doubled! And we don’t put blinds in our pockets, but money!

There are more advantages of you being capable of playing at many tables simultaneously. The first that comes to mind is collecting more loyalty points per hour, which can be redeemed for money or can buy you a ticket to a big tournament. Additionally, the poker room considers you now a loyal customer, rewarding you with less rake the more you play. That of course will further benefit your winrate, as you save on costs.

Be careful though if you decide to add more tables and multitable. Add one table at a time and only add more when you are feeling comfortable. Also, check out your winrate and make sure it is profitable for you to multitable. What is the point after all to add 4 more tables, if you are going to win less for each hour you play? You’d better stick to the number of tables you are playing your A game and improve your skills, than forcing yourself to play at more tables.

Besides, everyone can open and sit down at more tables in online poker. Yet, can everyone win when playing poker? Focus on improving your game and multitabling will come naturally.


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